Many women with shorter hair are under the impression that there are no good looking wedding updo styles for them to wear. This is a misconception that could not be farther from the truth. Although, because they have less hair to work with, their options are limited, but that does not mean that there are not some styles for them. One thing women with shorter hair must do to find a good looking updo style for themselves is to experiment and play with styles to make it fit their own personality and look. There are quite a few hairstyles out there for women with shorter hair, including; Partial Buns Partial buns are a great way for women with shorter hairstyles to wear an updo style. Depending on the length of your hair, these can range from a small piling of hair behind or on top of your head, all the way to a full-sized bun. These are an effective and easy way to create quick updo styles that are suitable both around the house and during a night out on the town. Play with different positionings for the bun if you find that your hair is too short for a traditional bun placement. Try allowing some hair to escape the partial bun and fall in front of your face to spice things up. Gelled Updo Styles. One popular style among women with shorter hair is the gelled, messy style. You can create this style by running gel through your hair with your fingers and positioning your hair any way you would like. You can keep things as contained, or as messy as you would like which allows you to craft a style that matches your personality and looks great with your hair.