During the summer, most women go for typical, free-flowing hairstyles and neglect or overlook how great updo hairstyles can be during the summertime. They keep the hair out of your face, and can actually be quite cool when compared to other styles. If you are looking for some updo styles that are great to wear on the beach, a few that you might want to consider include; Bun updos are great during the summer time because it allows you to secure your hair out of your face, on top of your head. This is especially helpful for beach goers because the bun can help to keep your hair out of the way when you are sunning or tanning. Bun updos can be a lot cooler than wearing your hair down and help you to stand out from the crowd a bit at the beach. Loose Curly Updos. Curly updos are great for the summer time because your hair is semi-loose, and not tightly compacted on top of your head which allows your scalp to breathe and remain cool. Curly updos are wonderful because they are very easy to make. Start by curling your hair, and then arrange in a loose updo on top of your head, or behind. Do not be afraid to allow your hair to flow somewhat freely, as this gives it a relaxed, cool, summertime look.