Want to go back in time and play as an honorable lady from ancient Greece? Re-living the times of ancient Greece is possible with this style. This look presents a bouffant top with braided hair serving as a forehead band. The look was also finished with floral adornments. Here is how it is done. • Get the top section and create a bouffant by teasing the hair and pinning it down. • Pull out a lock thick enough to create a one-inch broad braid. • Wrap the braid along the hairline and pin it on the other end. • As for the rest of the locks, straighten using a straightening iron. • Finish the look by adorning the hair with a mini bouquet of flowers. Luxurious, princess-like and stunning, this hairstyle will make any woman who chooses to wear it truly look like a Grecian goddess, who just stepped down from Mount Olympus.

Jane - 11/07/2014 11:17:51
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A bit of an overkill on the flowers but still an interesting look
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