This style is all crimped up and interwoven. This style depicts a hair that is fully crimped giving it a rough texture and then fashioned like interweaving ropes. What makes this look unique is its playful use of colors as this style carries dual colors, which gives emphasis on the interweaving movement on the hair. Instructions are as follow: • Color in dual colors – light and dark. • Tie locks in one big high ponytail. • Separate the locks per color and divide each color into two. At the end you should have four separate locks. • Braid or interweave these locks and lay them on the side and top of the head like a hat. • Secure the ends with bobby pins. This exquisite style takes crimping to the next level, with its soft, chic panache, intricate weaving and all-around exquisite and beautiful style.

rajath - 26/03/2014 02:36:50
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sexy hairstyle
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