This look is another one of kind style that features triple bows affixed centrally on the head. This may be a little time consuming, but the results will be stunning and elegant. Here are the steps on how to re-do this. • Divide in three – front, middle, and back part. • Take the front part and tie it in a ponytail. Do the usual hair bow style. Do not forget to secure with bobby pins and use hairspray as needed. • Take the middle part and leave a thick lock on one side. Make a ponytail out of the middle part. Make the bow except this time it should be vertical. • To do a vertical bow, fold the ponytail from the side and proceed with the usual bow style procedure. Use the loose lock you separated to secure the second bow. Fastened with bobby pins and use hairspray. • For the back part, tie in a ponytail and create a vertical bow. This is stylish and unique, as it is an innovative take on the traditional bow tie, as it is on the back and vertical, and instead of horizontal.

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