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Are you a Minnie mouse fanatic? Or do you simply love wearing bows on your locks? Then, may be it is high time you take bows to the next level with this big and sleek bowtie up do. This style features a big sleekly designed bowtie made from your hair. Here is how you do it. • Neatly comb your locks to the back. • Tie it in a polished high ponytail. • Fold the ponytail forward with the tips of your hair touching the forehead. Alternatively, you can also measure how big you want your bowtie to be. Then, tie up the folded ponytail on the same location as your first tie. • Divide the loop you made in two, so you can form the sides of the bow. • Wrap the extended locks around the bow to form the middle part and secure it with bobby pins. • Finish by using hairspray to properly form the bow. Softness, flirtatious and cute, define this exquisite bowtie up do. Reminiscent of Minnie Mouse, this is truly the ultimate in cute and fun, ideal for a variety of occasions.

Jane - 11/07/2014 09:05:41
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Quirky yet effective. Nice look.
RC - 03/01/2013 16:31:59
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very nice
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