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Simple and lovely, this style can be partnered with most outfits and can be easily worn on any occasion. It is not difficult to make yet the resulting look is so adorable. Here are the instructions on how to do it. • Make a section by doing a deep side parting. • Comb to make the locks lustrous and smooth. • Gather in a bunch and bring over the shoulder. • Tie in a side fish tail and secure with an elastic at the end. Loosen it up by tugging the braid gently on the sides. • Use hairspray if you deem it necessary. An innovative take on a traditional French braid, with an offset part and down the side braiding, this is a truly effeminate look that will never go out of style.

Bobbi - 25/07/2014 10:12:12
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I particularly like the side part and faux bangs on this fishtail braid
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