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Be a princess for a night with this stunning up do. The chic and stunning with a curled up do and loose tresses style displays a bun made of curls with some loose wavy hair draping on the back. It also depicts a side swept hair with a tiara or crown decoration. This can be replicated by: • Cut some long bangs. Set aside for styling later. • Section the rest into a thick upper layer and a thinner bottom layer. The bottom layer will be the draping hair that will also be styled later. • Taking the thick upper section, tie in the high ponytail. • Use a curling wand and make some curls. • When all the curls are done, fix them in a nice big bun. • Curl the bottom layer and brush them to form waves. • Finish the look by sweeping the bangs on the side and adding a tiara. Glorious and feminine, this up do has a strong part, with beautiful, sweeping bangs and spectacular curling and bun work. With a trail of light, exquisite curls down the back, this hairstyle is ideal for weddings, proms, upscale parties or simply the day that you want to look and feel fabulous. With the right accessories, such as a tiara, you can truly take this up do to the next level, and be the most beautiful belle of the ball.

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