Don an 80s long hair updo with this style. It is even amped up by adding an organza decorated headband. The style features a wispy messy updo with side swept hair. Here are the instructions on how to re-do this style. • Crop long bangs. • Section by making a side parting until the corn area is reached. • Side sweep the bangs and fluff it using a round brush. • Apply wax on the rest of the locks and make curls. • Manually separate this curls and scrunch them up to make it look ruffled. • Strategically gather the hair on the back and pin to make a fluffy messy up do. • Finish by wearing the headband on the line that meets the neat bangs and messy updo. Borrowed from the 1980s, this look is Cyndi Lauper in a nutshell, but with a bit of up-to-date accessorizing, you can make this look more modern, eye-catching and truly you.

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