Want to wear something unique for the holidays? Well, why not add this hairdo to your list? This style features a roughly made beehive style with braids and holiday decorations. This may eat up some time in styling, but the results will truly be spectacular. • For this look, it would be better to create a beehive mold made of cloth or soft sacks with synthetic hair. You will need two molds – one for the base and another for the top mold. • Once the molds are ready you are also ready to style up. • Section the hair in two – top and back parts. • From the top part, separate a section on the side and braid it. • Place and pin the base mold on the crown and brush some hair on it. Pin them as needed and use hairspray as well. Make sure the mold us fully covered. Do the same with the top mold. • The back layer can be twisted below the beehive. • Finish by decorating with holiday decorations and by wrapping the braid diagonally. Absolutely spectacular is the easiest way to clearly define us look. This is the ultimate in "wow" up do's, with braiding, ribbon, accessories and more, this is a volatile hairstyle for only the strongest women.

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