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The curly bun with pulled out strands radiate youthfulness and independence. The style reveals a bun made from many adjoined curls pinned on the back and some loose straight strands hanging on the back of the head. This is a little time consuming since it is quite complex, but it is doable. • Comb your locks to the back of the head. • Straighten using straightening iron. • Pull out a strand to leave hanging on the side. • Tie the hair in a high ponytail. You can do this very creatively by taking layer by layer of hair and crisscrossing them as you go. Use hairspray as needed. • Section by section, make half curls on the ponytail by curling only the half part of the section nearest to the root. Pin them in place to form a bun. • Allow the excess straight hair from the curls to fall out from the curl. Young, flirty and fun, this up do is an intricate combination of leaving and curling. With strands of hair pulled out to create a more jagged look, this is truly fun, feminine and flirty.

Christine Clark - 27/09/2013 15:54:21
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Did this for daughter's Home Coming Dance. Practiced the night before. Weaved both sides and top for a side design as well. Came out beautiful. I give this a 10 for looks and a 7 for difficulty. Am not a hairdresser! LOL I was very proud of my outcome!
fi - 10/02/2013 22:48:26
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Love this!!
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