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Creatively elegant and sophisticated – this is how this style can be described. It presents a firm curls pinned all over the head using jeweled pins and displaying defined waves on the side of the face. Follow these steps to replicate this look on your special day. • Section by side parting the hair. • Separate a lock or two on one side for styling later. • Gather the rest and make several small sections. • Make some curls out of these sections ensuring that each section is hairsprayed once the curls are formed. This is to keep the curls shape for a long time. • Pin down the curls all over the head using decorative pins. • Make curls on the locks that you have separated earlier. Brush the curls to convert them in to waves. Use hairspray on the waves to define them and maintain their form. Although it takes some time, this large, curly and clippy up do, is extraordinary for any type of party, from weddings to proms.

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