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This up do will certainly turn many heads in an event. This displays a creatively styled up do with floral decorations having varied sizes. This up do can be done by: • Section by separating two locks on the side of the head and a thicker section on the back of the head. Set aside the locks on the side. • Working the thicker bunch of hair on the back, separate thinner layers for styling later. • Tie up the remaining in a bun and tease the thinner layers that you have separated. • Stick some flower decorations in the bun and wrap around the thin teased layers on the flowers. Allow some locks to fall over. • Finish the look by straightening out the locks of hair that you have separated on the side. Let them drape over the shoulders. Spectacular is the word for this up do, as it is truly amazing, eye-catching and extraordinarily sexy. With the teasing and tying in of the stunning, faux silk roses, this look is perfect for the prom, weddings, pubs and much more. Regardless of where you want to take your hairstyle, this look will get you noticed immediately, and you will definitely be the woman to know.

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