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This is one look that certainly appears complex, yet it is actually done very easily with the right accessories. This style presents a mid-height curly ponytail decorated with pearl pins, ribbons and curls. Here are the steps to accomplish this look. • Using a round brush, brush back the locks to the back. Include the bangs if you have any. Use hairspray if you need to. This is to keep the hair in the right place. • Gather the hair from the sides and the top and tie the top layer in a mid-height ponytail. • Allow the bottom layer to spread out on the nape. • Using a curling wand, produce ringlets from the top and bottom layers. • Finish by decorating the curls with ribbons and pinning the pearl pins on the sides. This exquisite look is easy to achieve, with a soft, subtle brush back, infusing some ribbon into large, solid curls, creating a truly effeminate, beautiful hairstyle.

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