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The tight bun with loose curls on the side and back is another sexy way to wear your long locks. This style features a high tight bun and some loose curls scattered on the back and sides of the heads. Here are the instructions on how to do this. • Gather a section on the top front part. • Tease this hair and lay them on the top of the head. • Pull out some locks on the side and curl them. Allow to fall on the side. • Gather the rest and tie in a tight bun. • Allow some five to six inches of loose hair from the bunch that you used to make a bun. • Curl these and allow it to fall on the nape. Ravishing beauty defines this look, with its small, almost beehive looking bond in the back, and clearly defined bump in the front. With Luke's, large curls around, this look exudes beauty, strength and exquisite this, all combined into a very simple to achieve look. Accessorize as you will, this look and go from office to club, in a hurry.

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