With offset part, longer paying and soft, long curls in the back, this hairstyle is perfect for office or party, your choice. A bit of accessorizing, you can also make this look perfect for a wedding or prom, making this an easy style to wear, for any occasion. • Roughly section by side parting. No need to make it polished as jagged parting is just fine. • Side sweep the bangs and pull out a lock on the other side to make a swirl. • Divide the hair in two – top and bottom layer. • Tease the hair and form a beehive. Alternatively, you may also use a beehive mold to make a stronger beehive style. Secure with pins. Use hairspray to keep it in place. • As for the bottom layer, section by section, curl the locks. • Allow these curls to rest over one shoulder.

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