This style is ideal for any party occasion, whether it is a wedding, or a night out at the club. With the proper accessories in touch of makeup, you could make this look go from day to night quickly and easily, without having to spend any additional time on your hair. • Section by making a deep side parting. • Neatly comb your tresses and tie it in a high side ponytail. • Select a big donut bun foam or sock and insert the ponytail in the donut hole. Secure the donut on the head. • Gently cover the donut foam with your hair. Make sure that the foam is no longer showing. Secure it with elastic. Use hairspray if you need to while doing this. • If there are tiny tops flicking out just twist and tuck them below the big bun using bobby pins. • If you have bangs, design it by brushing it a little and letting it slightly fall off the forehead.

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