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This design creates an innovative looking updo by using elements like looped bun and wispy curls. It also displays totally side swept bangs on the forehead. This can be quickly done especially with enough practice. Here is how you can also do it. • Cut the hair in layers and crop some bangs as well. • Separate the bangs for styling later. • Using a curling wand make soft curls. Leave the nape area uncurled. • Gather and tie up. Start from the top front going to the back. Allow some curly tips to rest over the head. Secure with pins as needed. • Once the nape area is reached, gather in a bunch and tie in a low ponytail. • Fix the hair and loop it in a big bun. Secure with bobby pins. • Finish the look by sweeping the bangs totally to one side. Whether beach, party or work, this up do is truly sensual and beautiful. With large, loose curls, a bottom up turn and true pizzazz, this up do will keep your hair out of your face, yet not take anything away from your inherent beauty and luxurious style. This look is ideal for any woman that does not want to put a lot of time into a hairstyle, because you can quickly and easily pull this off with a quick curl, and a few bobby pins.

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