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This style is combination of many different looks and designs. It features bubble top, side braids, a bun, and a low bouffant. If you feel this is too hard, you can also refer to an expert stylist. If you still want to give it a shot, here are the general instructions. • Section the hair in five – two sections on the side for the braids, one section on the top front for the bubble top, one section for the bun, and another for the low bouffant. • Work on making the bubble top. • Then, create a bun and secure with bobby pins. • Next, is the bouffant, create it by tying it in a ponytail and then folding it in half and tying it again when a loop is made, just spread it out and pin the ends in place. Allow the tips to flick out. • Finish by making two braids on each side. An exquisite complexity, this up do offers site braiding, spunky curls and a bit of a spike, perfect for the party girl that wants to show off her style, but also wants to be the talk of any party. This style may take a bit of time to achieve, but with some patience and maybe a little bit of help, you can pull off this up do and truly be the most powerful, beautiful and exotic woman at any party.

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