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• Section in two – top and back part, where the back part starts on the crown. • Take the top section and start teasing the hair layer by layer. Leave some locks to curl for later. • Use the teased hair and create a bouffant on the right top side of the head. Secure with bobby pins and use hairspray as needed. • Curl up the locks you separated from the top part and pin them on the bouffant as decoration. • Curl the back part and tie it in a neat ponytail. Spill them on one shoulder. • Finish by adorning with a yellow ribbon. This is a fun and exciting party style, as it is an exquisite up do with a lot of pizzazz and panache. Simple to achieve, all you need to do is hold her up on the top, and wisdom curl and teasing, you can create this look very easily. It offers a true, "just got out of bed" look, with some soft curls for things, and exquisite curl and flair down the side, ideal for any woman with long hair.

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