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Ideal for the bride or for your entire wedding party, this look is beautiful, exquisite stunning, with its intricate weaving, soft framing curls and overall extraordinary style. This is an up do that may take some time to achieve, but the time is well worth it, because of the beauty, femininity and eye appeal that it will create for any occasion. • Partition into three parts - right, middle, and left. • Before working on any parts, pull out some thin locks to drape on the side of the face. Pull out a bunch of hair around the nape area. • Work on each part by making curls layer after layer. Pin to secure the curls in place. Do this on the middle and left parts, too. If you have bangs curl it, flip, and pin in place. • Work on the two locks on the side and make slight waves on them. • Brush the loose tresses on the nape. • Finish by adding flowers on the curls.

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