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• Comb the hair to the back to leave out any bumps and frizz. • Section in two – front and back, where the back starts from the crown area. • Layer by layer, take the front part and tease it. Once the whole front part is teased, push it to the back gently. Careful not to lose the volume. • On one side, secure the teased locks on the center of the head. Do it on the other side as well as the middle section. You should be able to see the loose bouffant now. • Take the back section together with the tips of the front section and tight it in a bun. Secure with bobby pins. • Make it look a little rough by gently pulling some natural looking bumps on the bouffant. Powerful and intimidating, this hairstyle is extraordinary, beautiful and ideal for the powerful businesswoman or other professional lady. Is strong, vibrant bounce, with imperfect curls and waves in the back, this look is strong yet feminine, and truly showcases your beauty, integrity and drama, in an exemplary up do that is simply unsurpassed.

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