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The exquisite ribbon styling the hair creates an intricacy that is simply astounding to look at. With its soft, vibrant color and shine, this hairstyle exudes beauty, extravagance, style and power, without having to do more than flash a beautiful smile. • Attach some lighter toned extensions on the side of the head. This will be used for styling later. Alternatively, you can color the side of the hair with a contrasting color than your natural hair color. • Brush and tie up the rest in a high and neat ponytail. • Make several sections on the ponytail. • One by one, curl each section using a curling iron and pin them down tactically on the top. Do this on the rest of the sections. • Divide the locks on the side of the head into several sections. Use a straightening iron on each section to flatten them up. Use hairspray as you go. The finish sections should look similar to a wood shaving. • Finish by looping these wood shaving-like locks on the curls.

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