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• Gather a section on the top of the head. • Tie this section up in a side ponytail. • Fold the ponytail in two and tie it up again. Make sure that five to six inches of loose hair is left on the ponytail. • Divide the ponytail’s loop in two to form the bow. Use the loose hair to tie up the middle of the bow. Secure the end of this at the back of the bow with pearl bobby pins. • Take several locks from the side of the head and curl them. Allow to hang over the shoulder. • Finish by brushing the rest to remove frizz. Fun is the word for this style. Instead of using accessories to make your hair look soft and sweet, this style makes your hair the accessory you want, all with a simple twist and tie. It takes a bow tie to a whole new level, providing an offset bow, soft curly bangs, and free-flowing locks, perfect for any party, prom, or just for fun.

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