Don up a classic look with a modern twist. This style displays a thickly fish braided hair wrapping the side of the forehead going to the back. It is also decorated with an ostrich’s feather for more elegance. Try it out with these instructions. • Bend over your head and gather your hair in a bunch. Gently, but not neatly, comb the hair so you can easily manage it for styling. • With the tresses in front, weave them by making a thick and slightly loose fish braid. Secure with an elastic tie when finished. • Wrap the fish braid on the side of the forehead going to the back. • Finish by decorating with a large ostrich’s feather on the back. The hair is pulled back towards the front, and the bangs are fishtailed together in a swerve down to the side behind the ear, creating an extraordinary, powerful and sexy look, all rolled into one. This is an incredible hairstyle for any woman who wants to make a statement about who she is, without having to say a word.

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