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Are you always in a rush to head out for a party? Maybe you would want to try out this cool style for your long locks. This style features side pigtails with roughed up locks and long smoothly graduated bangs. Follow these instructions to don this look. • Section by parting on the side. • Brush or comb down the bangs. Sweep it a little to the side. Allow it to curtain the forehead. • Divide the hair in two and tie them up in a ponytail. • Curl the pigtails and brush them out to separate the strands. • Apply wax and pull the locks to the side to make them stand out. With it is borrowed from the boys feel, with the longer, offset bang and "just out of bed" look, this is almost like the ultimate in two ponytails. With a bit of hairspray and curling, teasing the hair and let it sit, to create this wild, crazy yet on and sexy look, perfect for that night on the town.

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