Glamorous with a pinned and curly up do with white extensions – this style takes on curls and extensions to a new level. This look displays a generous addition of white extensions and then curling and pinning them with the natural hair. To follow this look, try these steps. • Comb the hair to remove any bumps. • Add white extensions. • Tie the hair up in a high ponytail. • Divide it into many sections and start curling. • Every time you finish a curl, pin it down in place to create a nest like up do. • Use hairspray if you see fit. • Finish by adding flower decorations on the sides. Glamorous, chic, exquisite and eye-catching, all described this exquisite up do. With a bed of soft, extraordinary curls on top of your head, this style is perfect for weddings, proms and other parties, where extraordinary looks and stunning beauty and strength are a must. This style is the ultimate in vivacious, with the right accessories, makeup and style, you can make it soft and extravagant, or loud and astonishing.

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