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This very simple up do is one that you can use if you want to strut a celebrity look with your long tresses. This style displays side parted hair with waves and a feather decoration on the side. Here are the steps on how to re-do it. • Section by side parting the hair. • Starting from the crown area, brush to the back and gather some layers. Tie or pin them on the center, plumping the crown area a little. • Take the side parted locks on the front and using a round brush make some waves. Gently place them on the side. • Brush the rest of your tresses and leave them to hand on the back. • Finish by adding a feathered adornment on the side. Soft, feminine and stylish, it provides a bit of a muss combined with some soft curls, drastic side part, and pulling the top into the back with extreme looseness, this up do is free flowing, beautiful and easy to wear and easy to achieve, perfect for any occasion from office to party.

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