Want a suiting hairdo for your prom night? Why not try this gorgeous style, which features a high bump right over the forehead and some curled locks at the nape area. Here is how you can recreate it. • Divide by separating the hair in two – top front and back. • Take the top front section and create a bump. Secure it with pins and use hairspray if you see fit. • Take the back section and tie in a low ponytail. • Curl it with a curling iron and pin it to retain its coiled look. • Finish the look by pinning down any stray hair. With a strong bump in the front, it tapers down into a soft, large curl in the back, revealing a long, exquisite neckline. This up do is extraordinary for parties, work, or anything else, because the right accessories can make this hairstyle look and feel the way you want and need to, for any occasion you can imagine.

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