Look out ladies, this hairstyle is the ultimate in beehive switch. This is the extraordinary up do, that is very tall, and reminiscent of the classic beehive, but instead of horizontal tresses, this is all vertical. With a small amount of bang, and a bit of drop on the sides, this up do is classic, eye-catching and perfect for any powerful and glamorous woman. • Take small sections of your locks and tease them using a fine toothed comb. • Leave some layer of unteased hair on the back. • Once both sides and center is done, spread out the hair evenly. • Take a fine bristled brush and lightly so as not to remove the volume. Just give it a quick brush over the top most layers. • Starting from the sides, use a bobby pin and pin some layers to the back. • As for the rest of the loose locks, take them section by section and twist them. Pin them just a below your beehive to push it even higher. Do this until all the locks are pinned up. • Apply hairspray as you deem fit. • Finish by side sweeping the bangs.

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