Fun, flirtatious and exciting, this intricately weaved hairstyle, may be difficult to achieve, but is well worth the effort. With its extraordinary, intricately weave style, dramatic part and exquisite feel, this up do is amazing, stunning and perfect for any occasion, that big date, or you just want to look and feel amazing for a day at the office. • Section by doing a side parting. • On the thinner side, tease the hair a little to give it volume. Brush the topmost layer to smoothen it yet still retain the volume. Use hairspray and push it to the back. Secure with bobby pins. • Take the thicker side and make several sections. Curl up these sections a little, spray with hairspray and interweave them. Secure with clips or pins. • Finish by pinning a loop curl or two on the top part and then by adding a flower on the other side where the locks are teased.

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