This strong and sexy style is fit for both young and adult women. This look features messy curly up do with loosely twisted draping locks and yellow ribbon. Here are the instructions on how you can do this. • Separate a long section from the lower layer of your hair. Set it aside for later. • Work on the remaining section and tie it up in a messy up do. • Make some curls that will be pinned around the hairdo. • Using a curling iron, make a loose twist on the lower layer that you have separated earlier. Let it hang over the shoulder. • Finish the look by clipping a yellow ribbon the side of the hair. A strong look, with large, exquisite curls for bangs, a bit of a "just got out of bed" look, offer an edgy, free-flowing style. This is the perfect prom up do, for any young lady. With long, luxurious curls down one side, and a bit of ribbon, or any other accessories, and this style is sure to make heads turn in any party.

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