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This extremely feminine and sophisticated look is thanks to the topknots added on the tresses. This looks quite sexy and sweet at the same time as the loose curls hanging on the sides add more oomph to the wearer. This can be attained by: • Comb to even out bumps. • Section in three – front, middle, back. • Tie the sections in a ponytail starting from the top. Once the top is tied, leave the other two and start working on it. • Using a curling wand, create some curls and pin them down to look like knots sitting on the top of the head. Do this on the middle section as well. • As for the back section, curl it and leave it hanging on the shoulder. • Finish by adding a flower on the side. This up do is an extraordinary soft style, with the large topknot, and a bit of messiness to go with. With a drop in the back for style off to the side, this look is perfect for a party, or a fancy dinner date. It is a truly feminine and extraordinary style, and can easily be created alone, in the comfort of your own home.

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