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A ruffle can look beautiful with a little up do styling. The ruffled side swept locks with loose locks exhibit side swept hair with a ruffled look and a loose scrunched lock draping over the shoulder. To easily replicate this just follow these instructions. • Roughly brush. • Using a curling wand, make soft light curls. • Brush once again to join the curls together. • Sweep to one side and loosely tie it in a low ponytail. • Separate a lock and rest it over the shoulder. • Allow some thin locks to fall on one side. You need not be too polished anyway. • Finished the look by applying some serum on the loose lock and scrunching it. Truly the "in" style, this up do has the look of "just got out of bed", yet combines wafting ringlets, sheer beauty and oozes sexiness. Very easy to obtain, this up do simply require some teasing and sprits, and you are ready to go to work, or spend the night partying on the town. This look is only recommended for women who have the confidence and sophistication to be the sexiest and most amazing woman in any crowd.

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