This style reveals a walking contradiction as it is displaying an aggressive and fierce look as well as a sweet girly side. This look displays locks, which are flipped in front with some loose waves and highlights. This is an easy feat to recreate. Here is how you can also do it. • Crop some long bangs and apply highlights. • Excluding the long bangs, tie up the hair in a high ponytail. • Using a curling wand, make some curls and brush them gently using a brush to bring out the waves. Apply hair shine as needed. • Finish the look by flipping the hair in front and then sweep it to the side. Use bobby pins t pin down any falling locks if needed. Instead, brush it forward, and create a mussed, curly style, that creates unique bangs and panache. This style is ideal for parties and nights out of town, whether for a date, dinner or anything else. This style can easily be yours, and works well with a variety of accessories, ideal for any outfit.

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