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Do you love to bring a part of nature with you? Well, that is just fine with this modern and environment loving look. This design incorporates lush fresh flowers as decorations on your messy curly up do. More than anything, this look displays the nature goddess in you. Here are the instructions for this. • Section by parting to the side. • Tie one side in a low pigtail while the other side is tied in a high pigtail. • Using a curling iron, create curls on both pigtails. Ensure that the curls on the high pigtail are made long, loose, and messy looking. • Manually separate and fluff the curls for volume. • End the style by adding fresh flowers as decorations. This style is soft, easy going yet provides an extraordinary bit of panache, ideal for weddings, proms and more. This style may be hard to achieve on your own, but you can make it yours with flowers, other hair accessories, and of course style, glam and some spritz.

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