The crimped hair with messy up do and white streaks is a very funky and unique style for long locks. This style features crimped locks, fluffed curls, and white streaks. It also displays a creative use of pigtails, which are accentuated with fluffed curls and streaks of white. This style may be a little time consuming to recreate since crimps and curls as well as streaking is done on the hair. It may also involve teasing, gelling, and hair spraying. The result, however, is just funky and stunning. To perfectly recreate this look for your party or event, it is advised that professional assistance from a stylist is sought. Racy, Rockette style is the word for this look with its wicked ponies and vibrant part. With tight curls and superior styling, this look is perfect for the strong, powerful woman that wants to party the night away. No matter what club you set foot in, with this hairstyle, with a bit of teasing, gel and hairspray, you will definitely be the talk of the party, and for many parties to come.

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