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Elegant in coiffed bangs with curly loops. This lovely style focuses on having coiffed bangs flipped over to form a small loop. It also has several curly loops pinned strategically on the center going to the nape. Let these instructions help you recreate this look. • Divide the hair in three layers – top, middle, and bottom. • Use a curling wand and may curly loops from the first layer and pin them down using bobby pins. Do this with the other layers. Make sure the curly loops are pinned like in a Mohawk style. • Coiffed the bangs by flipping it over. • Finish the look randomly pinning diamond pins on the base of the curly loops. This up do is an innovative and updated take on an old favorite, with a solid look like a pony from the front, but when you turn your head, it's nothing but soft ribbons and curls. With the proper accessories, this style can be worn to work, any party, weddings and much more. This is a soft and feminine look, which will definitely turn everyone's head and give you that soft, glistening glow that you want.

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