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Classy yet modern and stylish – this is how you can accurately define this panache. It consists of an extreme parting to the side as well as neatly made donut buns that are placed on the side of the head. For this style, you just need to practice perfecting the donut bun and you will surely be able to do this design in no time. Here are the instructions for practice. • Section by doing an extreme side parting. • Divide the locks in to two and tie them in a ponytail using an elastic tie. • Take the ponytail on top and insert it inside a donut foam. • Spread the hair down so the donut foam may be covered. Tie it again with an elastic to secure the locks in place. At this point you should be able to see a donut bun with hair tips flicking out. • Get sections of these tips and twist them. Lay them under the bun and secure with pin. Do these until you get a clean bun and all the tips are tucked below it. • Do another bun just right below the top one. This look is glamorous, glamorous, glamorous. With a strong site part, and an exquisite comb over into two separate bonds, this style is extraordinary and beautiful. Whether you want to wear this to work, on the runway or to a party, it is a feminine, sleek style that certainly makes a very strong statement about you, who you are and what you want in life.

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