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Loving Minnie Mouse? Then, why not try this look that resembles Minnie Mouse’s ribbon? This displays a lovely bow made out of your locks. This may look complex to recreate, but it is really very easy – it will just take you minutes to attain it. • Comb neatly. • Tie in a high ponytail. • Flip to the front where the tips are touching the hairline. • Tie one more elastic on the loop. Make sure the elastic is tied right over the same area as the ponytail. • Once a loop is done, divide it in two. • Take the excess resting above the head and flip it to the back. Make sure it is placed on top of the division you made on the loop. Secure it tightly with bobby pins. • Finish the look by fluffing the bow a little. Although it may take some practice, this up do is truly amazing, flirtatious, adorable and fun. With a stunning, perfect bowtie on the top of your head, you are sure to turn heads, be the talk of the crowd, and everyone would want to know, "how did you do that?" This takes a pony to a completely new level, with a fun, feminine style, that is not only fun, but also has a hint of raciness to it.

Sharon - 24/05/2014 23:34:05
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I have to wear my hair up everyday for work. This one is soooo cute. Thanks.
AP - 03/05/2013 07:09:32
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Lovely style. Analee the most ridiculous thing you have EVER seen is this?!
Analee - 17/04/2013 08:41:43
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I've never seen anything more ridiculous in my entire life!
Heidi - 28/02/2013 11:19:39
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Brie Lilley - 03/12/2012 22:35:13
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i would like to know how to do that please..
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