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This unique and hip look caters to women who are free spirited and outgoing yet still want to radiate some femininity on their look. This design features a high bubble top with French braids on the side. If you are looking to recreate this look, here is how you can do it. • Section by parting in three layers – top layer, middle later, and bottom layer. • Gather the first layer and tie it to form a high bubble. Apply hairspray to keep the bubble standing high. • Take the middle layer and create French braids on the side. Once all the braids are done. Tie them up like a ponytail. • Finally, take the bottom layer and straighten it using a straightening iron. This is a very powerful look, with a tall, chic top, & braids pulled into the back, this look is not for the faint of heart. This is an easy look to achieve, and with the proper accessories and styling, you can truly make a statement that any party, without saying a word. This look is perfect for the strongest of women, who have the personality and the body to pull it off.

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