This is a very unique way to the usual pig tails hairdo. These pig tails looks more mature and sexy than youthful and bubbly. This look features the locks styled in a pigtail and then fluffed with curls. This is quite easy to do. Here is how: • Make a partition by doing a side parting. • Tie up each side in low pig tails. • Using a curling wand, create tiny curls. • Using a fine tooth comb, gently tease the curls and fluff them manually. • Do this on the other side as well. • Apply hairspray only if needed. This is a very racy and sexy look, ideal for any fashionista. With a solid part, strong top line and fun, wild curls framing the base of the head, this is an exciting look, ideal for any party girl. With the right amount of teasing and some hairspray, you can achieve this look very easily, and truly take your outfit to the next level, with this innovative and spectacular hairstyle.

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