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Are you loving this style? You may love it more if you only know how easily you can recreate this do. This style displays a high ponytail with some braids looped around the ponytail. Here is how easy this look is: • Gather the locks in a bunch and tie it in a high ponytail. • Get one section and make a braid out of it. Create another one so you will have two braided locks. • Get on braid and loop it around the ponytail. Pin it in place. • Get the other braid and wrap it around the ponytail as well A classic pony with a stunning twist, this up do is sure to get you a double take when people see it. Although it appears to be a simple ponytail, the extraordinary braiding and leaving within the pony itself, provide that extra touch of class and style, ideal for work or party, your choice. This is an easy, wearable style, perfect for every occasion, everyday.

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