This very youthful look depicts a fun and down to earth spirit. This up do features a bun placed on the crown area of the head. It also has long bangs and decorated with a polka dot ribbon. This is not as difficult as it looks – even teen girls can do it. • Cut some long bangs. • Blow dry and brush to smoothen out the hair. • Section the bangs by parting it on the side. • Gather the top layer in the back and tie it up in a high ponytail. • Fix this ponytail into a bun style. • Add a polka dot ribbon clip on the side of the big bun. • Finish the look by spilling the loose locks or bottom layered locks in front. This look has an offset bang, and a large, soft and easy button on the top. With the right accessories, you can make this look party ready, or more reserved and wear it to work each day. With only part of the hair up, you provide the look of fun and excitement, with softness and security, ideal for any occasion.

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