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Take on the role of a princess on every party by wearing these interwoven braids with curly up do. This up do is features an elegant way to style your locks. It displays a braid that loosely woven with curly locks on the side. Here are the steps to follow: • Pull out a section for braiding later. • Gather the rest of the tresses and tie it in a high side ponytail. • Take the section you separated earlier and weave it in a very loose braid so that it looks like a net. • Wrap it around the forehead and secure it with a pin on the other side. • Taking the high ponytail, divide it into several sections and curl it using a curling wand. • Manually separate the curls to make your locks look thicker. • Finish the look by bringing your locks over one shoulder. The stunning, intricate weave in the bang, combined with the up do on the top and off to the side, his look is extraordinary, soft and sumptuous all in one. With the large, easy curls off to the side, this look is ideal for any woman who wants to make a statement, but wants to maintain femininity, secrecy and allure.

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