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This up do is greatly suited for women who loves braids and would love to don a beehive style. This up do mainly features the beauty of braids as well as their flexibility to be styled into a high beehive. This can eat up a lot of time, but the result is quite stunning. Here is how you can recreate this. • Make several tiny sections. • One by one, braid them and secure the ends with tiny elastic bands. • Gather a bunch of the braids and leave some loose on the nape area. Leave two braids in front as well. • Take the gathered bunch and style it in a high beehive look. • Allow some of the loose braids to hang over the shoulder and back. • Finish the look by draping the two braids over the forehead. For strong women, this style is truly amazing. The small, strong and classic braids, all pulled up into a large pony, provide the ultimate in sensuality and strength. With the back left down, this look is perfect for the office, or pulled a couple of braids out for the bangs, and you are sexy, party ready in no time. Add the proper accessories, and you can fit in any party crowd, regardless of your desires.

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