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This doll-like look can be your favorite especially if you have very long locks. This depicts very long locks with curls and waves as well as bow tied on the top. Here is how you can imitate this girly doll-like ‘do. • Blow dry and brush to give it a little fluff. • Comb to the back and tie the top layer only on the crown area of the head. Secure it with a bow barrette. • Using a curling wand make some big loose curls. • Finish the look by pulling some locks from the top of the bow and bringing them in front – just over the shoulders to display the curls. This look is beautiful and spectacular for both work and play, as it has a spring up in the front top, with luxurious curls and layers all around the back. With the proper accessory, such as a barrette, you can make this style ideal for the office or party ready with a bit of a change of makeup or accessories. This is a soft, sensual look, which can be made more complicated or easier, depending on your style and taste.

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