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Re-live the one of Mariah Carey’s designs by fixing your tresses with this. This shows one of the simplest styles worn by Mariah Carey yet it still exudes so much sexiness and elegance. You have this redone by doing these simple steps. • Partition by doing a central parting. • Straighten using a straightening iron. • Separate two locks on the side of the face, one on each side. • Tie up the rest in a low bun. • Finish the look by curling the two separated locks and then brushing them to convert them into waves. Soft, effeminate and almost elusive, this beautiful style is perpetually stylish. With a perfect pony in the back, and long, wavy bangs in the front, this look is truly soft and beautiful. Perfect for any woman that simply wants to relax and enjoy her femininity, or wants to go out on the town and be the woman that everyone wants to get to know, this up do is truly amazing in its simplicity, yet panache.

Helen Ingham - 12/01/2013 11:41:49
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I love it . Elegant, stylish and casual and smart
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