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This intricately done up do is a new way to style. It showcases an interwoven long up do that is decorated with a flower on the side. The level of intricacy of this translates to the amount of time and patience that you need to attain this up do. If you find this a little too challenging, do not shy away and ask for assistance from an expert stylist. The general idea of the style goes like this: • Divide the hair by parting it on the side. • Make several sections and start interweaving them. You can also randomly select some locks that will be curled and pinned on the up do. • The look is then finished by adding a flower on the side with least curls and weaves. Flirty and fun, this up do is truly amazing, as it looks like her hair is tied up in knots, literally. This intricate hairstyle is a combination of weaving and curling, providing you with the ideal party ready look, you are sure to turn heads and garner a lot of attention. Add a few accessories and some hairspray, this style will last as long as you do.

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