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This up do is reminiscent to the designs worn by ladies on the early 1920s. This up do is a modified version of those styles an can be easily recreated on you. Here are the easy to follow steps that you can try to achieve the look. • Cut some lengthy bangs. • Comb to the back except the bangs to form a high ponytail. • Fix the ponytail so it looks like a looped bun or a donut-looking bun. • As for the lengthy bangs, use a curling wand and make some curls. • Brush the curls together to make them look wavy. • Finish the look by applying an oil-based hair serum on the bangs to make them appear retro. Sweep them on the side. This is truly a classic style that has made its return, as this is truly effeminate 1920s, with a modern feel. The soft, round ringlets that frame the face, with a soft, easy pony in the back, it provides the ultimate in sophistication and luxury for every woman who chooses to wear it. This look is ideal for black-tie events, or any time you want to make a spectacular first impression. It offers sensuality and femininity, without sacrificing style.

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